Definitely not for those looking for a budget spot these islands are beautiful, private and scenic nevertheless. If you ever find yourself rich enough to be able to afford a vacation on any of these, consider yourself very lucky. You could wear your most daring bikini girls or just go without a swimsuit for girls at all! There would hardly be people around to see you. Imagine just sinking your feet in soft, silky sand watching the sun go down with a glass of your favorite drink in your hand. The entire beach is empty and you're wearing the most gorgeous swimsuit for girls you own. It sounds like something out of a novel! But for those that have the dough, it's an  opportunity to don your prettiest bikini girls and get away from the stifling press of the city crowds.


Cousine Island, Seychelles

Cousine Island Luxury Beach







Spanning just 62 acres, Cousine Island is one of the most gorgeous places in the world. The island is a cross between a nature reserve and a luxury resort, so I imagine that the flora and fauna will be just as wonderful as the facilities. It is well known as a breeding spot for the rare turtlebacks and if you go during the right season, you may be able to see them. Don't scare them off with a brightly coloured bikini girls!

 With a staff of only 16, and just 10 guests allowed at a time, this island, along with being the third most expensive island, is also one of the most private. If you're ever invited to this island pack up your bikinis girls/ swimsuit for girls and head on out!


Motu Tane, French PolynesiaMota Tane French Polynesia Luxury Beach








A little less expensive than most, this island is just across the fabulous island of Bora Bora. The housing is designed to accommodate upto 30 guests but only one party is allowed at a time. So that means you'll likely not be running into anyone you don't know. Don't let this impact your choice of swimsuits for girls though! When on holiday, your swimsuit for girls must always be incredible. Prices start from USD 20,000 for a party of 20 guests and increase for a party of 30. There is plenty to do here, and entertainment comes in the form of a local Tahitian dance group. As always, if you ever need a getaway and you find yourself in possession of some serious cash, pack your cutest bikini girls and just run away.


Laucala Island, Fiji

Laucala Island Fiji Luxury Beach Resort

Owned by the Australian redbull magnate Dietrich Mateschitz, this island hosts not only an incredibly exclusive private resort but is also a beacon of sustainability. The island's chef, 27 year old Anthony Healy, cooks food with local ingredients- the island boasts an herb garden, a 240 acre farm, and three greenhouses for growing vegetables that wouldn't survive in the climate outside.  The island also has a 'no shoes' pool bar, 25 villas that face the ocean (so that you will always have a stunning view), and a submarine in the dive center. Yes, you read that right. A DeepFlight Super Falcon submarine which guests are allowed to use. Forget everything else, pick up your best bikini girls or your best swimsuit for girls and just leave. The island is available for rent only when the owner is not in residence however. There are also myriads of pools- cascading waterfalls, saltwater pools, gushing streams. You won't ever even have to change your bikini girls!


Necker Island, Virgin Islands

Necker Island Richard Branson Luxury Island Beach Resort








This island is home to one of the most entrepreneurial men in the world, Sir Richard Branson. Previous guests include Kate Moss, Nelson Mandela, Kate Winslet and co-founder of Google Larry Page chose to get married here. There are loads of activities on offer here, from tennis to a hot-tub on the roof, (just sit in your cutest bikini girls and enjoy the view) and the island is brimming with exotic wildlife. Branson has chosen to introduce several endangered species of animals to the island, with the aim of restoring their numbers. Examples include the Aldabra giant tortoises, the black and white ruffed lemur, and red feathered ibises. Match your swimsuit for girls to a coloured animal everyday!

One can show up for dinner or lunch or breakfast wearing whatever one likes, from swimsuits for girls to short shorts. The mood here is relaxed and pleasant, and the 80 staff help to make it more so. With the plethora of good looking people on the island however, you'd better take your most attractive bikini girls, or at least your most luxurious swimsuit for girls.


Coco Prive Kuda Hithi, Maldives

Coco Prive Kuda Hithi Maldives Luxury Travel Beach











Excruciatingly pretty, the resort is on a 13,000 square foot island. The main residential area, the Palm Residence, was designed with functionality and elegance in mind. With spectacular views of the Indian Ocean, everything in the house, light, heat sourcing, sound etc. can be controlled remotely from an iPad. There is a private chef on hand to cater to your gastronomical needs and a personal library for you to relax in. Things like clothing shouldn't matter here, where the main objective is relaxation and rejuvenation but bringing your prettiest swimsuit for girls can only be an advantage as you take the opportunity to swim in the infinity pool, which spans the entire length of the beach. If you ever find yourself an opportunity to come here, fling into a suitcase only your bikini girls and say goodbye to all your worries.

October 01, 2015 — Amalia Russ