Getting bored of doing the same thing at the beach over and over again? Want to show off your new tan and gorgeous bikini girls? The answer to your problems is of course, a photoshoot at the beach! Get creative maybe, with a whole theme, or go wacky with a fish bikini girls. Or pull on a risqué cover up for girls and saunter up and down the beach. Whatever the cause, and however you choose to go about it, it’s sure to be tons of fun and you’ll end up with loads of selfie options afterwards.


  1. DSLR Camera (or maybe, if you want to go uber vintage, use an instant camera!)
  2. Lighting (here’s the tricky part. Do you use sunlight? Do you rent out floodlights? Bring some lamps from home? Depends on the look you’re going for.)
  3. Attractive, unique bikini and a cover up for girls (again, depends on the theme.)

 Beach Shoot Mesh Black and White Racer Back Two Piece Bikini

So, as you can see from above, you don’t really need much to set up this photoshoot. This is of course, in general. The actual requirements will depend on the look you’re going for. So make sure to keep all options open when shopping for a cute bikini girls!

Vintage Theme

Curl your hair into ringlets, or softly tease it into beach waves, wear a thin cover up for girls and your high-waisted bikini girls. Set up soft lighting, at dusk- maybe gold, pink fairy lights or paper lanterns. Either use an instant camera or a DSLR. DSLR selfies always look great, but it’s better if you ask someone to take them for you.


A Day at the Beach theme

No lighting needed for this one. Go down to the beach when the sun is at its peak (don’t forget sunscreen!). Discard the thin cover up for girls and go for a bright, bold bikini girls. Zebra stripes, geometric shapes, animals whatever. Just make sure it’s brightly colored and attention catching. Bring some props, like ridiculous heart-shaped sunglasses or a wide brimmed floppy hat and strike some poses. Do this with the girl gang and you’ll have both amazing memories and some great photos!

October 09, 2015 — Amalia Russ