The months may be getting colder, but that’s still no excuse for not wanting to go to the beach. Especially on autumn days like these: warm sun, cool breeze. Go during 12pm-1pm, and water and sand should both be warm. Or go later in the day, with a shawl wrapped around your swimming suit. Whatever time you do go to the beach, remember to pack these essentials (along with your swimming suit of course!)


The importance of sunscreen should never be understated; a good sunscreen should keep you safe from sunburn for at least 2 hours. You should keep re-applying, if you’re in the sun for longer than that. While packing your cutest swimming suit is a must, so is putting on the correct sunscreen! If you’re wondering what the correct technique or which sunscreens are best, check out our other articles

   2.Waterproof Speakers

Jam out to your favorite tunes on the beach by bringing waterproof speakers. The UE Megaboom is a little on the pricey side, with a tag of $300 but has received favorable reviews across the internet. It’s also Bluetooth supported so you can keep your phone within your bag, safe from the water and sand around you.

   3.Wide-brimmed hat

While I realize that a floppy hat might not be part of the look you’re going for, wearing your hottest or prettiest swimming suit and all, it serves two purposes: preventing the sun from getting in your face and keeping your hair safe from the harsh glare of the sun.

   4.Beach Towel

You may be the most active person on the planet but a day at the beach just isn’t complete without a nap or a lie down on a beach towel. It can also serve as a barrier between your wet swimming suit and all the other dry contents of your bag when you’re going back home.  Bed Bath and Beyond has a great collection of fluffy, pretty beach towels- check it out before you head on to the beach.

October 10, 2015 — Amalia Russ